Investor Relations

Contact Person:Elaine Kao, IR Director


Stock Affair

Contact Person:Carrie Wei, Senior Specialist

TEL:+886-2-2653-8091 #636

Stock Transfer Agency

Agency:Yuanta Securites Co., Ltd.

Address:B1F., No.210, Sec. 3, Chengde Rd., Datong Dist., Taipei City 103432, Taiwan



Contact Person:Poshou Yu, Vice President

TEL:+886-2-2653-8091 #103


Contact Person:Poshou Yu, Vice President

TEL:+886-2-2653-8091 #103

Public Relations

Contact Person:Jill Lin, PR Director


Employee Suggestion and Complaint

Contact Person:Pierce Fang, Vice President


Sexual Harassment Complaint Mailbox

For complaints of sexual harassment incidents, the company has set up dedicated telephones, faxes, dedicated mailboxes or e-mails, and publicly reveals relevant information in prominent places in the workplace.

Appeal TEL:+886-2-6604-8650


Independent Reporting Mailbox

Applicable Guidelines:91APP, Inc. "Guidelines for the Adoption of Codes of Ethical Conduct" and "Procedures for Ethical Management"

Definition of Whistleblower Case:A specific complaint by anyone who finds that the company's personnel are suspected of committing a crime, fraud or violation of laws and regulations.

Reporting Methods and Channels:Cases can be reported through three channels: "in person", "telephone report" and "report by letter", and an independent report mailbox is set up for internal and external personnel of the company.

Independent Reporting

Whistleblower Hotline:+886-2-6604-8128

The above reporting methods are only applicable to reports related to the ethical behavior and integrity of the company's employees. If you are inquiring or appealing about other businesses, please use the relevant business contact information listed above for immediate response.