2023 Stakeholders Communication

The communication status with various stakeholders in 2023 was reported to the Board of Directors on November 14, 2023. In order to continuously understand the needs of stakeholders, 91APP has established a dedicated channel for complaints and feedback in the Stakeholder Section of official website. The recent year's communication status and report content with different categories of stakeholders are as follows.

Stakeholder Issues of Concern Communication Channel Communication Frequency Communication Implementation in 2023
Government and Regulatory Authorities
  1. Regulation compliance
  2. Client protection and communication
  3. Corporate governance
  4. Risk management
  5. Communication with regulatory authorities
  6. Business performance
  7. Information security
Participate in legal compliance seminars and public hearings Irregular
  • Vigilantly monitoring trends in the development of the digital industry and revisions to government regulations related to digital aspects such as cloud computing, e-commerce, digital economy, and internet content.
  • 91APP's Chairman, General Manager and Public Relations Director have taken up roles as the Chairman, Secretary-General, and Deputy Secretary-General of the 4th term of Taiwan Internet and E-Commerce Association (TiEA). They assist in aggregating member opinions, building bridges of communication with the government, and promoting the development of Taiwan's digital industries, such as internet software and e-Commerce, to create a sound operational environment for the digital industry.
  • 91APP is also a member of various industry associations, including Chinese Non-Store Retailer Association, Taiwan Listed Companies Association,Taiwan Chain Stores and Franchise Association, Taipei Computer Association, Importers and Exporters Association of Taipei, AppWorks Summit, and Information Service Industry Association of R.O.C.- CISO Union. There is also active engagement and interaction with these public associations and government think tanks.
  • Regarding cybersecurity, in April 2023, in collaboration with the TiEA association, 91APP representatives visited the Prevention Division of the Criminal Investigation Bureau of the National Police Agency under the Ministry of the Interior. They jointly promoted cybersecurity measures for the e-commerce sector. In June of the same year, 91APP participated in the press conference titled "National Anti-Fraud, E-commerce Together," organized by the Digital Development Department. Together with various industry players, they actively collaborated on public-private initiatives to promote fraud prevention awareness. They joined forces with brand customers to educate consumers on the importance of fraud prevention.
  • In the realm of digital innovation, in May 2023, along with TiEA association leaders, representatives from 91APP visited Minister Audrey Tang of the Digital Development Department to present recommendations for digital development. In the same month, they engaged in an exchange meeting titled "Digital Taipei, Innovative Taipei" with the Mayor of Taipei City, advocating for issues related to digital software innovation.
  • Actively supporting the development of the new digital economy, in collaboration with the TiEA association, 91APP successfully advocated for the addition of a new industry category, " Digital and Cloud Services." The aim is to leverage synergies, fostering a cluster effect to drive positive developments in the new economy, digital industries, and digital talent.
Establish a contact to maintain good interaction with regulatory authorities Irregular
Cooperate with regulatory authorities for supervision and audits Irregular
Arrange meetings with regulatory authorities to establish opportunities of direct communication Irregular
Exchange official documents, communicate through emails and phone calls Irregular
  1. Business Performance
  2. Occupational Safety and Health
  3. Labor and Human Rights and Equality
  4. Diverse and Healthy Workplace
  5. Career Development and Talent Cultivation
  6. Talent Attraction and Retention
  7. Corporate Image
Company Annual Meeting Annually
  • The company has established a Labor-Management Committee, consisting of 5 representatives each from the labor and management sides. The committee meets quarterly to discuss employee concerns and openly vote on proposals. The company values employee opinions and maintains open communication channels, following a philosophy of coexistence and mutual prosperity, and clear management policies, to foster a harmonious labor-management relationship.
  • The company is fully committed to promoting employee health through the active engagement of 11 different types of sports clubs, fostering a culture of physical activity. This initiative includes sports expert lectures and online walking competitions, encouraging 85% of the entire workforce to actively participate. Together, they have collectively taken 72 million steps, resulting in a reduction of carbon emissions by 10,000 kilograms. This effort aims to inspire colleagues to seamlessly integrate exercise into their daily lives.
  • The company actively advocates for a friendly working environment, particularly by establishing a maternity-friendly workplace. Comprehensive consultations are provided for female colleagues before and after pregnancy. During maternity leave and the two months preceding the return to work, the company offers employee support to understand post-return needs. This approach ensures that female colleagues can smoothly transition back to the workplace at each stage, from pregnancy to postpartum, maintaining a harmonious balance between life and work.
  • The company provides employee care programs, particularly for newly hired employees. Around three months after joining, supervisors personally conduct interviews to provide feedback and suggestions regarding job performance and adaptation.
  • The company has a dedicated department responsible for assessing and maintaining the safety of the work environment and equipment. Regular awareness campaigns are conducted to educate employees on correct practices and enhance workplace safety.
Labor-Management Meeting Quarterly
Employee Welfare Committee Meeting Monthly
Company Information Sharing Platform Irregular
Email and Internal Communication Software 24 hours
Stakeholder Section of Official Website Employee Suggestion and Complaint Channel 24 hours
Performance Appraisal Interviews and Career Development Feedback Semiannually
Internal Education and Training Irregular
Compliance with Laws and Regulations and Information Security Awareness Campaigns Irregular
  1. Corporate governance
  2. Business performance
  3. Sustainable development
  4. Risk management
  5. Information disclosure
Shareholders' meeting Annually
  • A total of 42 material information were announced in both Chinese and English. (Note)
  • A total of 5 investor conference. (Note)
Investor conference Irregular
Disclosure of financial reports Quarterly
Disclosure of revenue Monthly
Disclosing important financial and business-related information on M.O.P.S. Irregular
Designated spokesperson and proxy spokesperson 24 hours
Establishment of investor relations and shareholder communication channels on the stakeholder section of Official website 24 hours
Client and Consumer
  1. Software and service innovation
  2. Client relationship management
  3. Consumer personal data privacy
  4. Information security
Customer service hotline and email 24 hours
  • Conducted satisfaction survey at each stage for all clients to understand their evaluations of service items at each stage and make adjustments for quality improvement. The clients’ satisfaction rate for client services was 95%.
  • Irregularly conducted personalized telephone service care for operating stores to understand any issues they encountered during operations and provide suggestions and internal feedback to enhance the store service experience.
  • Irregularly issued announcements in the store backend regarding significant information such as feature updates and service adjustments.
  • Periodically sharing brand management case studies, retail business trends, and the latest technologies and applications in D2C and OMO. The average monthly website visits exceed 100,000.
  • Providing online video tutorials on the usage of 91APP product features through the system backend. This includes six online courses covering basic store setup, advanced store setup, introductory marketing, advanced marketing, expert-level marketing, and order and customer service management.
  • Sending out Electronic Direct Mail (EDM) to explain the core values, latest features, and case studies of 91APP products.
  • Participation in the TWCERT cybersecurity organization to enhance threat awareness and response capabilities.
  • Implementing OTP two-factor authentication in the system backend to strengthen customer identity verification and enhance cybersecurity protection.
  • Requiring suppliers to cooperate in completing the "Cooperative Partner Cybersecurity Self-Assessment Form" and undergo cybersecurity technical checks by 91APP. This measure aims to reinforce suppliers' awareness of personal data protection.
The official website of 91APP Irregular
EDM Twice a month
System education and training courses Twice a week
OSM store backend announcements and push notifications Irregular
Information security notifications and collaboration Irregular
Establishment of client and consumer contact channels on the stakeholder section of Official website 24 hours
  1. Business Performance
  2. Sustainable Supply Chain Management
  3. Information Service Security
Phone calls, emails, in-person visits Irregular
  • Conducted regular monthly meetings with logistics suppliers to discuss issues such as abnormal handling, operational improvement and service process optimization.
  • Organized 2 warehouse visits annually to conduct on-site audits of warehouse partners' operations. At the same time, to assist warehouse partners in attracting business and use customer visit feedback as a basis for the annual partner evaluation.
  • Logistics partners are required to conduct an annual cybersecurity self-assessment and submit vulnerability scan reports.
  • Organized occasional conferences on logistics cooperation and logistics trend developments.
Supplier briefings, various business exchange meetings Irregular
Supplier management system Irregular
Collaborative Cybersecurity and Joint Defense Irregular
Establishment of supplier contact channels on the stakeholder section of Official website 24 hours
Media/ Public
  1. Business Performance
  2. Corporate Governance
  3. Sustainable Development
Interview activities, press conferences, forum speeches Irregular
  • To communicate the innovative developments and annual achievements of 91APP with various stakeholders through media such as press releases, interviews and forum speeches irregularly.
  • Monthly press releases are issued to disclose revenue and provide regular updates on the company's operational status.
  • With customer consent, 91APP has compiled its sales data information and market trends for the current year, releasing an industry report (2023 Brand Commerce Trends Report). This report serves as a reference for corporate sales and market operations.
  • In June 2023, the company organized the " D2C X AI Summit Taiwan 2023 " a large-scale industry forum with 3,000 attendees. The event featured a full day of rich content and the latest industry trends, gaining significant attention within the industry and receiving recognition from participants. Vice President Lai Ching-te also attended as an honored guest, providing on-site support.
Issuing press releases Irregular
Establishment of public relations contact channels on the stakeholder section of Official website Irregular

Note:This data was calculated up to Oct 31, 2023.