91APP values the rights of employees. We uphold the principle of honest communication, abide by labor-management-related laws and regulations, and hold labor-management meetings regularly to maintain a reliable relationship between labor and management. We have diversified communication channels to deliver changes and major decisions of the company, entitling our staffs to obtain information and to express their opinions. Our employee welfare measures, education, training, retirement policies are as follows:

(1) Employee welfare
Our company has established employee welfare committee, which handles various welfare measures regularly, set up clubs to balance the physical and mental health of employees, relieving staff’s work pressure. In addition, we provide wedding and funeral subsidies, team building events and health examinations and provide employees with various trainings to enhance employees’ capabilities and work efficiency.

(2) Employee training and education
We value employee development, regard employees as the important asset of our company. To ensure all employees to understand their tasks and professional knowledge, employees could apply for subsidies of professional training. In addition, we organize internal training courses, in which employees could absorb new knowledge continually, enriching skills and improving both the ability and quality of work. Eventually, we could increase productivities and enhance the competitiveness of the company.

(3) The retirement policy
The retirement policy shall comply with the relevant laws or regulations in local. Taiwan, as the main operating place, our company complies with the Labor Pension Act. Our employees who are applicable for the new pension system will be distributed 6% of the total monthly wages to individual labor pension accounts from our company. For the foreign staffs who apply for the old mechanism, our company shall appropriate labor pension reserve funds ranging 2% of the total monthly wages of the staffs and deposit such amount in their designated account. 

The “Employee Retirement Regulations” were devised by 91APP based on the “Labor Standards Act” and “Labor Pension Act”. Retirements are handled in accordance with the Act. An employee may apply for voluntary retirement in any one of the following situations below.

  • If they have been employed for more than 15 years and are over 55 years old. 
  • If they have been employed for more than 25 years. 
  • If they have been employed for more than 10 years and are over 60 years old.