The company’s corporate governance policies are mainly implemented in accordance with the “Company Law”, “Securities Exchange Law”, “Code of Practice for Corporate Governance for Listed Companies” and relevant laws and regulations, formulate the company’s corporate governance best-practices, and establish an effective corporate governance structure. The purpose is to achieve operational goals in a way that is in the best interests of the company and all shareholders, assist in corporate management and operations, and provide effective supervision mechanisms to encourage companies to make good use of resources and improve efficiency; thereby enhancing competitiveness, and promoting social well-being. The main directions of the company’s corporate governance are:

  • Strengthening the functions of the board of directors and enhancing the sustainable value of the company
  • Improving information transparency and promoting sustainable operation
  • Protecting the rights and interests of shareholders, respecting the rights and interests of stakeholders, and creating a good channel for interaction
  • Establishment and implementation of internal control and internal audit systems
  • Deepening the company’s culture of sustainable governance


Succession Plan and Implementation for Board Members
Succession Plan and Implementation for Senior Management
Occupational Safety and Health Policy
Workplace Diversity and Gender Equality Policies
Remuneration Policy
Risk Management
Intellectual Property Management Plan
Supplier Corporate Social Responsibility Management Policy
Information Security Governance
Ethical Corporate Management Policy
Human Rights Protection Policy
Social Engagement
Implementation Status of Policies for Greenhouse Gas Reduction, Water Conservation, and Waste Management