91APP Achieves July Unaudited Consolidated Revenue of NT$105 Million, D2C Heats Up in Anticipation of Second Half-Year Festival Opportunities

91APP (Stock code: 6741), the first native SaaS company listed in Taiwan, today announced its unaudited consolidated revenue for July 2023. The unaudited consolidated revenue for July 2023 amounted to NT$105 million, an increase of 11.3% compared to the same period last year and establishing a new historical high for this corresponding timeframe. The accumulated consolidated revenue from January to July 2023 reached NT$753 million, reflecting a growth of 12.1% in comparison to the same period last year, thereby consistently setting new milestones.

As the second half of the year unfolds, marked by annual celebrations and vibrant shopping events like Double 11, the Company is dedicatedly aiding its clients in preparing for the surge in e-Commerce traffic, optimizing systems, and crafting robust digital marketing strategies, all aimed at enhancing the performance of brick-and-mortar retail's D2C (Direct-to-Consumer) e-Commerce sales.

According to the latest "Market Share Report of Taiwan's Retail e-Commerce Industry" by the Mirai Business Research Institute, the e-Commerce sector's revenue surpassed an unprecedented scale of over NT$300 billion last year. This accomplishment has also aligned the industry’s significance with that of department stores and convenience stores, thus highlighting the upward trajectory of the overall e-Commerce landscape. This remarkable growth is not solely attributed to major B2C e-Commerce platforms; the thriving expansion of D2C e-Commerce has played a pivotal role. Among the prominent contributors, 91APP, as a representative service provider of the D2C model, has consistently demonstrated revenue growth, effectively propelling market momentum and underscoring the dynamic shifts in Taiwan's retail e-Commerce scene.

The rise of brick-and-mortar D2C e-Commerce has elevated store clerks to a pivotal position. The "91APP D2C Retail Trends 2023" survey indicates that online e-Commerce sales driven by store clerks accounted for 13.2% of the brands’ total e-Commerce sales throughout the year. This underscores the significance of well-equipped store clerks, supported by efficient digital tools and equitable profit-sharing mechanisms from brand headquarters. Such initiatives facilitate OMO (Offline-Merge-Online) services, contributing to enhanced brand performance and streamlined D2C e-Commerce operations.
Numerous brick-and-mortar retail brands have successfully transitioned their store clerks beyond the realm of in-store sales, embarking on digital avenues such as group buying, livestream shopping, and even there is a clothing brand encouraging its clerks to share their styling tips on the brand's D2C e-Commerce website/app, thereby fostering communication with customers. This comprehensive approach has further propelled the sales cycle, nurturing growth both online and offline, thus emerging as an optimal resource for fortifying D2C e-Commerce strategies for brands.

In anticipation of the forthcoming peak season for retail e-Commerce during the latter half of the year, 91APP's two major solutions, "Commerce" and “Marketing," stand ready to empower retail businesses. These solutions will play a pivotal role during upcoming annual festivities, Double 11, Christmas, and New Year, effectively catering to the demands of D2C and OMO operations. This concerted effort will drive the growth flywheel of the retail sector, creating tremendous synergy and propelling clients’ performance growth.