Focusing on the D2C e-Commerce wave: 91APP's two major solutions create tremendous synergies

91APP (Stock code: 6741) today held its Annual Shareholders’ Meeting, which acknowledged the 2022 Business Report and Financial Statements, as well as the 2022 Earnings Distribution. The company’s Consolidated Revenue in 2022 was NTD 1.26 billion, an increase of 14.7% year-on-year. The Gross margin and operating margin were maintained at 75.1% and 32.5%, respectively, which were comparable to the same period last year, and both remained in a stable range. The net profit was NTD 340 million, continued to hit a record high, and earnings per share was NTD 2.83, showing steady growth in operations.

As the important arsenal for retail digital transformation, Steven Ho, Chairman of 91APP, stated that the company has already taken the lead in laying the foundations, assisting brands to face the D2C wave, providing SaaS cloud solutions, and satisfying large-scale enterprise-level brick-and-mortar brands and channels with the unique "Products X Services" model in order to satisfy the high-level needs of D2C. In addition to its established "Commerce Solution," 91APP is expected to officially launch the "Marketing Solution" this year. These two solutions drive the retail growth flywheel and enhance clients’ performances. The Commerce Solution handles offline-merge-online sales, accumulating first-party data. The Marketing Solution connects third-party data for in-depth analysis and precise advertising, driving traffic and generating new sales through the Commerce Solution, thus two solutions creating significant synergies.

Richard Yang, General Manager of 91APP, emphasized that the most profitable model for brick-and-mortar retailers is to embrace the OMO (Offline-Merge-Online) method, which integrates offline and online channels to increase e-Commerce profit to 30% to 50% of the overall sales and optimize operational efficiency. Despite Taiwan's e-Commerce penetration rate accounting for only about 10% of the overall retail market in 2022, the trend indicates that more and more brick-and-mortar brands and channels continue to digitize and embrace e-Commerce, and are actively joining D2C e-Commerce operations. There remains to be realized a huge potential for growth in the future, and 91APP is focusing on this massive D2C market and actively promoting its expansion.

91APP will continue to deepen clients’ penetration rate of e-Commerce, leverage the synergistic effect of its unique “Commerce” and “Marketing” solutions, and expand its services base from retail to food and beverage industry through "food and beverage e-Commerce." These three directions, built upon the foundation of steady operational development in the past, will drive rapid growth and create value for clients.

Additionally, with the rise of generative AI and a focus on the AI and D2C market trends, 91APP, in collaboration with TiEA (Taiwan Internet and E-commerce Association), will co-host the "D2C X AI 2023 Taiwan Brand Commerce Trend Summit." This grand event will take place on June 27 at the Taipei International Convention Center (TICC) Grand Hall. During the afternoon session of this prominent brand commerce event in Taiwan, 91APP's Chief Product Officer, Happy Lee, will publicly unveil the company's latest products and services for this year. This announcement aims to provide brands with forward-thinking strategic solutions that keep pace with digital advancements.