After the pandemic lockdown is lifted, retail brands are adopting the OMO strategy to drive D2C performance to increase 70% in the first week of Double 11.

Taiwan's leading retail SaaS company, 91APP (Stock code: 6741), announced a successful first week of Double 11, with a 71% month-over-month increase and a 62% year-over-year increase in GMV (Gross Merchandise Volume) of overall D2C brands during the first week. In addition, the total GMV of e-Commerce Outsourcing Service soared by 285% month-over-month. This impressive performance was achieved without the quintuple stimulus voucher that boosted sales last year.

The unblocking of the domestic pandemic situation has led to the reopening of major shopping malls and brick-and-mortar retailers, resulting in increased buying momentum. Retail brands are actively using the OMO (Offline-merge-Online) strategy to integrate their brick-and-mortar stores into Double 11, injecting growth momentum into the brand's performance in D2C e-Commerce.

Steven Ho, Chairman of 91APP, stated that Double 11 this year is the best test after the pandemic lockdown is lifted, reflecting the deployment, promotion, and profitability of OMO integration in the brand's D2C performance.

According to "91APP Retail Research," brands that have successfully conducted OMO transformation will double their investment in D2C omni-channel operation mode. This includes using first-party data to precisely drive traffic, collaborating with internet influencers to distribute discount codes, and utilizing group buying to stimulate purchase growth. Brands now are making more flexible use of their offline resources, such as promoting Double 11 in brick-and-mortar stores, combining store clerks to encourage online shopping with discounts, distributing coupons, and sending APP push notifications to drive the growth cycle of OMO.

In addition, some brands have launched "Buy online, pick up in-store" services, allowing consumers to pick up their EC WEB/ APP purchases in the store and receive discounts. Consumers enjoy the benefits of not having to wait for delivery and having a more flexible pick-up time. Among them, 40% of brands now offer "in-store pickup," demonstrating that this has become an essential option for consumers today.

Department stores and distributors have also announced their participation in Double 11, launching various online and offline promotional activities. Even huge channels have introduced creative marketing methods, such as "pre-order," "batch pick-up," and "free delivery," to boost purchasing momentum. Steven noted that Double 11 is no longer a single battlefield for e-Commerce, that is, more and more brands, channels, and department stores are integrating the power of omnichannel to improve operating efficiency. The key to winning is mastering D2C and OMO strategic methods, and future Double 11 events will gradually create a new market situation.

To assist brands in D2C e-Commerce in achieving another successful Double 11, 91APP has strengthened its preparations and continuously monitored the operating status of each system in preparation for the main event next week.