D2C e-Commerce brands have opened ahead of Double 11 shopping festival. In a single-day showing, has grown significantly. “Metaverse e-Commerce” is the driving force behind a multitude of new business opportunities.

91APP (stock code: 6741), Taiwan’s first domestic SaaS software service company, announced today that the first wave of Double 11 will open well ahead of schedule. The D2C (Direct to Consumer) e-Commerce model for retail brands has been effected. With the assistance of 91APP, the indomitable momentum of OMO and the revitalization of five times coupon, the good performance was released in the first week, and many brick-and-mortar retailers performed well, not only did D2C e-Commerce surpass 10 million in a single day, reaching a new high. Besides, the e-Commerce Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV) of overall brands increased by 75% with the help of 91APP when compared to the previous month. In addition, the GMV of e-Commerce third-party reached a new monthly record. Looking to the upcoming Double 11 sales event with its commensurate peak consumer traffic figures, 91APP is completely anticipating a bullish turnout!

With the recent business opportunities of Metaverse, D2C e-Commerce has also benefited. Many brands are actively competing. 91APP can assist the retailers to cross the boundary from the real to the virtual, allowing their interests to effectively be realized as they move into the realm of enhanced OMO. Additionally, the customer can enjoy a satisfying, stable and personally gratifying experience while navigating the realm of virtual consumerism. Favored by institutional investors, the stimulus of carrying large traffic through the Double 11 shopping festival and promoting purchases on the hour once again proves the scale and development of retail software cloud services.

With the Covid 19 epidemic, the Double 11 sales event has ushered in a massive wave of shopping. Retail brands looking to capitalize on the purchasing momentum, have made extremely good use of OMO marketing, and online and offline digital resources. This year, the retail brands during the Double 11 event have been buying well. According to observations from "91APP Retail Research", as OMO applications have gradually matured, APP is the best tool for D2C brand management to communicate with regular customers. It is also a high-conversion member traffic pool. During the Double 11 event this year, many brands have made good use of APP shopping guides to promote sales. In the first week of the event, the total number of hits of the overall brand APP promotion alone has grown by more than 70% when compared to the same period last year. This very clearly demonstrates that brands rely heavily upon APP to guide shopping and drive performance. On the other hand, APP promotion can be accurate. Locking in group communication between members will save a significant amount of marketing costs for brands.

In addition, it can be seen from the performance during the Double 11 event last year that APP has already become the main source of brand e-Commerce performance contribution. Overall performance for brand APP has exceeded 60%, while brand official websites only account for 30% of all sales, and the number of APP orders is more than half of the official website. Over and above, the conversion rate is as high as 4.2% (about 1% on the official website), highlighting the importance of APP. Thus far, many brick and mortar retailers have successfully mastered the power of store clerk, actively promoted APP downloads to customers, used efficient digital tools (such as In-Store Portal) to assist online shopping guides, and accelerated the growth of D2C e-Commerce.

This year, the retail industry has experienced three levels of pandemic alert, and some stores have even suffered profit losses below 30%. However, brands such as women's apparel, outdoor products, beauty care, bedding and household goods have clearly and largely benefitted from the introduction of OMO operations in 91APP. Omni-channel data and services have enabled brands to flexibly schedule e-Commerce and store operation strategies. During the Covid 19 epidemic, performance stabilized and recovery accelerated after being unblocked in the second half of the year. Immediately following this week's Double 11 main event, 91APP comprehensively fortified its preparations and continuous monitoring of the operating conditions of various systems, assisting the retail brand D2C e-Commerce in buying momentum, and climbing to a new peak in performance.