The Company's 2023 Annual Shareholders' Meeting approved to release the Directors from non-competition restrictions

1.Date of the shareholders' meeting resolution:2023/06/09
2.Name and title of the managerial officer with permission
to engage in competitive conduct:
(4)Independent Director:Chi,Mei-Na
3.Items of competitive conduct in which the officer is
permitted to engage:
Independent Director of E-LIFE CORPORATION
Chairman of Venture+ Asset Management Inc.
Chairman of AppWorks Fund IV(TW) Admin Co., Ltd.
Chairman of Taiwan Mobile Film Co., Ltd.
Chairman and President of Taiwan Stampede Franchise Film Co., Ltd.
Chairman of Fu Sheng Digital Co., Ltd.
(4)Independent Director:Chi,Mei-Na
Chairman of LI-HSIN Consultant Co., Ltd.
4.Period of permission to engage in the competitive conduct:
For the duration of serving as a director of the Company.
5.Circumstances of the resolution (please describe the
results of voting in accordance with Article 209 of the
Company Act):The proposal has been approved by a majority
vote of the shareholders present in a meeting attended by
shareholders representing two thirds or more of the shares
6.If the permitted competitive conduct belongs to the
operator of a mainland China enterprise, the name and
title of the directors (if it is not the operator of
a mainland China enterprise, please enter “N/A” below):N/A
7.Company name of the mainland China enterprise and the
officer’s position in the enterprise:N/A
8.Address of the mainland China enterprise:N/A
9.Operations of the mainland China enterprise:N/A
10.Impact on the company’s finance and business:N/A
11.If the directors have invested in the mainland China
enterprise, the monetary amount of the investment and
their shareholding ratio:N/A
12.Any other matters that need to be specified:None