91APP Shines in First Quarter, March and Q1 Revenues Hit Record Highs as D2C Trend Ascends

91APP (Stock code: 6741), the first native SaaS company listed in Taiwan, announced its unaudited consolidated revenue for March 2024. The unaudited consolidated revenue for March 2024 amounted to NT$130 million, an increase of 13.19% year over year, setting a new all-time high for the same period in its history. The total revenue from January through March reached NT$372 million, marking a first-quarter record and a growth of 15.05% compared to the same period last year, continuing its steady upward trajectory.

The first quarter of 2024 has brought good news for 91APP, as both March's single-month revenue and the first quarter's revenue reached new all-time highs for the same period, delivering impressive results. This not only demonstrates the growth benefits of brick-and-mortar e-Commerce but also reaffirms 91APP's profound capabilities in deeply cultivating the D2C(Direct-to-Consumer) market. Despite facing headwinds last year, 91APP successfully aided many medium and large brick-and-mortar retail brands and channel customers in accelerating their digital transformation, boosting D2C performance. Driven by the synergy of Commerce Solution and Marketing Solution, the first quarter of this year has showcased remarkable performance, injecting a strong boost into 91APP's business operations for the year, with more growth expected to follow.

To date, brick-and-mortar e-Commerce has accounted for more than 30% of Taiwan's overall e-Commerce scale. With the D2C trend and the demand for brick-and-mortar e-Commerce continuing to rise, there is still significant room for growth. Looking ahead, operational prospects include the launch of new large brand customers and the continued growth of D2C business scales for existing large brands and channel customers, strengthening the overall D2C growth momentum. Additionally, in the realm of Marketing Solution, this year will see a continued focus on personalized marketing, CDMP(Customer Data Management Platform), and advertising outsourcing operation development. In response to the phase-out of third-party cookies, 91APP will leverage strategic collaborations and integrate its unique retail AI model, "jooii®", to focus on the development of the RMN(Retail Media Network), offering related RMN services.

Looking forward, 91APP will continue to assist more medium and large brick-and-mortar retail brands and channel customers with their OMO(Offline-Merge-Online / Online-Merge-Offline / Offline and Online Merge Together) layouts, and accelerate D2C development.