Lunar New Year Spurs D2C Shopping Frenzy: 91APP Reports January Revenue of NT$129 Million, Achieving Record High with 20% Year-on-Year Growth

91APP (Stock code: 6741), the first native SaaS company listed in Taiwan, announced its unaudited consolidated revenue for January 2024. The unaudited consolidated revenue for January 2024 amounted to NT$129 million, reflecting a remarkable 20% year-on-year growth and setting a record high for the same period. This notable growth was attributed to the flourishing D2C (Direct-to-Consumer) sector and the vibrant pre-holiday purchasing activity during the Lunar New Year period. As the Lunar New Year momentum carries into February and with the anticipation of upcoming celebrations like International Women's Day and White Day in March, the brand's D2C performance is expected to stay strong, along with significant growth in brick-and-mortar e-Commerce, positively contributing to the brand's revenue growth.

As OMO (Offline-Merge-Online) consumption patterns become increasingly normalized, numerous medium and large-scale retail brands and channel clients are actively expanding their brick-and-mortar e-Commerce operations. Supported by 91APP's services, these initiatives are synergizing and resulting in a strong performance in the D2C sector. Moreover, 91APP has consistently demonstrated steady growth in operational performance in recent years, with annual revenue growth consistently exceeding 10%. This growth surpasses the growth rates of the overall retail and regular e-Commerce sectors, underscoring the escalating demand for brick-and-mortar e-Commerce and the upward trajectory of D2C development.

Over the past five years, Taiwan's brick-and-mortar e-Commerce sector has experienced significant growth. According to the latest statistics from the Ministry of Economic Affairs, domestic e-Commerce sales exceeded NT$500 billion for the first time in 2023, representing a 2.1% year-on-year increase. Notably, brick-and-mortar retailers have made significant strides in e-Commerce operations, with brick-and-mortar e-Commerce now accounting for 33.5% of Taiwan's total e-Commerce market, growing annually by 6.2%. Given the escalating market demand for brick-and-mortar e-Commerce, 91APP is committed to assisting more medium and large-scale retail brands and channels in accelerating their entry into the brick-and-mortar e-Commerce market, expanding their D2C development, optimizing omnichannel operations, and enhancing Taiwan's overall e-Commerce penetration rate.